Our Golden Purpose is to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem where business, design and technology students can connect and let their imaginations run wild.
The Goldenhack team will be hosting our first digital hackathon on October 3-4 to ensure the health & safety of our community. We are committed to hosting an exciting online event and hope to bring together participants from all-across Canada.


Must have either registered and confirmed attendance through The GoldenHack or register as a walk-in through The GoldenHack website.



The GoldenHack Challenge

Safety First Award

The accolade will be awarded to the group whose project promotes and/or implements safety the best.. Potential projects can include anything, ranging from protection against COVID-19, walking home at night, construction site safety or anything else. The ideal solution will benefit as many people as possible, be unique, effective, innovative and realistic.

0 – the project did not fit the above criteria at all. 10 the project achieved all the criteria above to a high degree. 

Did not fit criteria – 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 – Fit criteria perfectly

JTD Consulting Challenge

Best use of Technology to Build a Business Award

Building a viable, tech-enabled business takes careful planning and a killer business model.  This is why many tech companies are backed by investors for years before they’re able to make their tech into a profitable business that makes more money than it spends. The ideal business solution will be tech enabled and have a clear go-to-market strategy in place.  Furthermore, the costs of delivering the technology to the end customer is defined, reasonable and the revenue model for the solution has long term profitability.

This challenge is very broad and possible solutions can include anything from developing a direct to home logistics service, to data visualization software, to creating a website to help streamline the process for musicians to submit proposals to record labels.

0 – no feasibility and no indication of business model. 10 clear and realistic business model with extremely feasible products. 

Did not fit criteria – 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 – Fit criteria perfectly

Best Overall Award: Highest overall score based on the Technical, Design and Business criteria. Please refer to the "Judging Criteria" section for a breakdown of each. Awards will be given to the top three teams that score the highest.

Working for Home Setup Award: Awarded to the team with the most impressive working from home setup. Each team will upload a picture of one group member who they believe fits this criteria the best. Picture must be uploaded to the group’s DevPost page before the entire project is due. This will be voted on by the GoldenHack executive team.

Fan Favourite Award: Awarded to the group whose project on DevPost receives the most likes. All event participants are eligible to like any projects that they believe is the best. Any project appears to have a suspiciously high amount of likes will not be eligible for this award. This is to help ensure that no group seeks outside assistance to increase their like total.

Submission process:

Initial Submission Oct 4th @ 12am: Submit a one liner of your hack on Devpost, your team name, team-members, and prizes you're going for. 

Final Submission: Fill out Devpost submission form and produce a 3 minute video to demo and pitch the hack.

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD630 in prizes

First Place

-Interview with CAA
-$100 Canadian Tire Gift Card
-$250 in Digital Ocean Credits

Second Place

-$125 in Digital Ocean Credits
-The GoldenHack Mugs

Third Place

-$125 in Digital Ocean Credits

Challenge Prize (2)

$25 Amazon Gift Card / person

Fan Favorite

Business Book

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Ram Vasuthevan

JTD Consulting

JTD Consulting





Judging Criteria

  • Technical innovation and Implementation
    The team identified a unique problem and provided an innovative solution to it. How technically complex the problem is and tools used to develop the solution will be taken into account by judges. Self built tools will be ranked higher.
  • Execution
    Does the product function and in a way that is described? Scores in the middle with have individual components working and have communicated what the next steps to completing the product would be.
  • Creativity
    Creativity can be shown in a variety of ways! It can be through taking an out of the box approach to solving an existing problem or implementing a technical component in an interesting way.
  • Design
    High scorer will have taken user experience and their user interface into account. Ease of use/end user consideration for the product will be judged. In addition, the overall visual cohesiveness of the presentation, including slideshow will be assessed.
  • Business Model
    Thought should be put into how the idea would be put on the market and its economic feasibility. How will customer obtain and use the product? High scorers may also address scalability and overall business sustainability.
  • Pitch
    The pitch should contain content that is extremely effective at persuading the audience of the strength of the business opportunity and how your solution addresses the problem. Presenters should appear practiced and professional with smooth transitions.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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